21 Million Fake LinkedIn Profiles?

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Startups, investors, and Professionals need to be able to trust who they're working with. But with so many fake profiles on LinkedIn, it can be difficult to know who's real.

CERQ is a professional verification platform that helps startups, investors, and professionals verify their claims and build trust.

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Verify Your Professional Claims

At CERQ, we believe that trust is the foundation to success in the digital world. That's why we offer a variety of services to help professionals, startups and investors verify their claims and build trust with each other.

We offer a variety of verification services, including:

  • Pitch deck verification: We verify the accuracy of your pitch deck claims, so you can be confident that you're presenting the most accurate information to potential investors.

  • Product verification: We verify the existence and functionality of your product, so investors can be confident that they're investing in a real product that has the potential to succeed.

  • Online identity verification: We verify your online identity, so leads can be confident that they're working with a verified professional.

Startup verification

We verify the identities and claims of startups, so you can be confident that you're investing in a real startup with a legitimate business plan.

Investor verification

We verify the accuracy of investor claims, terms, and finances, so you can be confident that you're in the right hands.

Online identity verification

We verify the online identity of a self-confessed professionals, so you can be certain you're dealing with a true authority.


We Provide Verification Services

To combat fake LinkedIn profiles, scams, and fake gurus.


Verify your pitch deck claims and win confidence from your investors


Verify your identity and track record to ensure confidence with startups


Verify your claims and enhance your personal brand winning more clients


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Elevate your confidence, real-time verification results. Simplifying trust, adapting to a dynamic professional landscape, Validating claims, enhancing trust, and nurturing growth.

The trust-building approach

Empowering startups, investors, and professionals, embracing the CERQ difference. Gaining credibility, navigating uncertainty, and forging lasting connections